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  1. Ha! someone was excited Enjoy bro!
  2. Don't know why that's sent so many times... Gonna blame it on these forums, totally messed up today!
  3. 2K14 has arrived!
  4. 2K14 has arrived!
  5. 2K14 has arrived!
  6. 2K14 has arrived!
  7. 2K14 has arrived!
  8. LOL! Quality.

    Yeah, I don't miss those moments at all. As much as I like Pau.
  9. Fair play chief! I've got to admit there's times I'd just like to sit and play the game on my own without having Pau go "Shin, Shin, Shin" down my mic every 2 seconds haha
  10. Ha! Hopefully have a game soon man. As I said, the only reason I haven't as of yet, is because I don't tend to play online much.
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