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  1. Our time zones really fuck us in the arse

    Me, you and Pau need to have a threesome

    Oh wait... Did I say threesome? I meant a triple threat on WWE 13
  2. YEEEEESSSS!!! Great to talk to you again, since, you know, you never talk to me on XBawx anymore :'(

    I love you!
  4. Yeah... I better start training
  5. Tis' true... The differences in our timezone fuck us both over haha You interested in that Fifa 12 tournament mate?
  6. Fuck yeah we do! I miss ya man! I've been out a lot lately, and not on here much...

    I gotta get on XBAWX earlier is what I gotta do
  7. You my friend need to PM me... We need a catch - up
  8. Airbourne wanted me to tell an EWA creative member he'll be off for the next few days.

    Also, I'll send you Broc's part of the promo man... Get it in as soon as possible please, I'm gonna get the show up today
  9. I'll PM you man
  10. Alright then, what do you want it to be about?
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