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  1. Don't make me cry Shining! I miss you too bro- I rarely get to keep in touch you, Ben, Roba or Vans any more with EWA gone
  2. I miss you
  3. Bloody hell, here's hoping it doesn't get too messy then! Like you said, least you got your girlfriend and other people with you, would be tough to ride through it alone
  4. what sucks is it has slowed down. I hope it goes a little further west too- the winds would not be as bad. And another thing that sucks is my gf and i planned to get the second season of walking dead today and watch the 1st and 2nd back to back, lol. Damn you storm! Well at least she is riding it out here with me. She has way too many trees by her place. I am going to have a full house with others riding it out here too. And hope there is not much to clean up afterwards- broke my arm the other day
  5. Damn, hope everything's alright! It's been on the news here about it gaining momentum so there's no doubt that we'll hear about the aftermath when it's over. Best of luck then and stay safe!
  6. yeah that would be cool as in about ten to twelve hours shits going to be bad here and not sure when i will be back. Could be a day, days, week or more. Just enjoying the calm before the storm- an actual storm, lol. I had just been too busy to remember to PM rob to ask.
  7. He did yeah, I'll pass it on to Van if you want?
  8. Shining- did Rob(Artemis) ever send you his part for the bigass promo for Fury? I mistakingly told him to send it to you- it was supposed to go to Van next. I ment to PM Rob yesterday but forgot. And I'm not going to PM him now as I'm not sure what this storm(Tropical Storm Isaac) will actually do- its supposed to hit where I live, may be bad. So I may not be able to get online for a few hrs after Tuesday night/Wed morning, or it could be a few days or a few weeks- just depends on the damage that is done
  9. alrighty- show is finished and is all posted- sans a Vegas promo I never recieved- Jman got his in and I fit it in the show though
  10. If you want to write it up so that PAIN! is put out quicker, then fine by me.

    If you still want me to do it, since you have other stuff to do, then that is also fine with me
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