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  1. Could be better, could be worse. You?
  2. I know. Just weirded me out seeing you online lol. Everything good with you?
  3. Word. and more letters to get past the ten character limit
  4. Holee sheet!
  5. Happy birthday to you and your 37 different personalities. Haven't spoken in a while, hope everything is awesome on your end dude.
  6. The new SOT'E is up!! Enjoy!
  7. *SNAIL MAIL*: eMail I am your father!
  8. *Darth Vadar Voice*: "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
  9. I guess the only way to get in touch is through *gasp* snail mail!
  10. My cell is mainly for my wife and mom to contact me when needed... and to call out of work as well lol. But, landlines are WAY too expensive and for no reason at all. Screw that noise. I'd rather keep $70.00 a month lol.
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