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  1. Yeah dude i'll add it, i've been considering it for a couple of weeks and it's a good move, i'd probably use it as a signature and keep the Midnight Special as his finisher.
  2. Dude, out of interest, are you adding the Headlock Driver to Ambrose's repertoire? Either as a finisher or normal move?
  3. Happy Birthday Torphster! Have a good day
  4. Sent you the promo
  5. How's the promo going dude?
  6. Haha done, posted in the wrong tab earlier :P
  7. Duderino, re-post the filer if you'd like
  8. Well, I'll sort it out, and give you guidelines by Friday hopefully
  9. Hehe it's all good, and yeah I can knock one together for the PPV if everything is cool!
  10. Great, sorry 'bout that. You were meant to have one

    Unless THBK has a problem with it, I'll give you one for the pay per view instead.
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