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  1. Hey I'm sending this message out to everyone who I gave promo assignments to, as it came to my attention that some the PMs might not have gotten to people. Not sure if it is because of the change in the server, or what, but I'm just double checking you got the promo assignment that is due for Wed. Please let me know either way
  2. Yo, what's up?
  3. Hey Torphinator!
  4. Yeah sounds like it would have been quite fun.
  5. So you really liked the house fire Idea?
  6. All is fine, preferring to keep to myself for now as i'm in a bit of a fedding lull. Finding myself becoming frustrated in some feds.
  7. Haven't chatted with ya in a while. How goes things?
  8. Check the cave. Emergency
  9. Check the cave
  10. Check the cave?
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