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  1. Clear your inbox mate
  2. Curse you Torphy for fooling me!
  3. Haha I've known since Eddie and I asked for the feud
  4. Wow.

    I guess I'll be eating this hat later then.. Did not see that coming.
  5. Great job with the Ambrose promo man.

    Quality... Again.
  6. It's been a good run, and we've done about as good as we could ever have wanted.

  7. Cool man!


    Haha! Joking aside, if we were considered. It would be an honor for it too be with you mate, it's been a pleasure.
  8. Looks great dude, will have my reply done before the night's over.
  9. Hope the promo was alright mate? I'm off out now mate so will not be able to reply until I get back home.
  10. Great job with the promo man!
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