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  1. Now that the ugly business has been finished, good luck with the new website =)
  2. Very well, once you've responded i'm drawing a line underneath it, everything I wanted to say has been said and I don't feel the need to repeat myself, so feel free to get everything off your chest.
  3. When you respond, I won't be online. Sorry, I only have 8 hours until I go to work again and I need some sleep. I'll get back to you tonight though.
  4. Yo bro, I haven't done that thing yet but, in 30 minutes I'm beginning it. I'll have it to you before 10am my time. 3pm yours.
  5. Oh you suck LOL! I read the first part and freaked! You ass! :P Okay... inbox isn't full anymore but, I understand my mission. Over.
  6. Full Inbox!

    I need it in like 15 minutes lol

    Nah next Monday haha
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