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  1. Will see if I can do it later, so far today i've only been able to get the odd 5 minutes to myself.
  2. Hey man, have you got an ETA o your promo?
  3. Cheers for that man, much appreciated!
  4. Yeah it's ok man, I wrote a match last night and I'm not too pleased with it, bit rusty lol!
    But yeah that'd be cool if you could do that. Other than that, great work!
  5. Ahh right yeah. You can see i've not written a match for 8 months! I'll sort that out in a little while when am doing the other match
  6. Is there another part missing from the match you sent me man? You seem to have missed the pre match commentary and entrances.
  7. Ok, account unbanned, and here's the link:
    meet me in the chatbox!
  8. Ok let me know when your new computer's all set up and we'll see where we're at by then.
    And it'll be much easier for you to just come into the batcave to see the match details yourself I think man!
  9. I can, but probably won't be able to start writing until Thursday. Currently still on a laptop and I hate the keyboards on these things so not in a position to write. New computer should be delivered tomorrow, but it'll take me the best part of a day to configure it just how I like it. So PM me the match details, who the commentators are and i'll work out the rest.
  10. Not sure if you saw my message in the EWNCW thread, but are you still game for writing a couple of matches for the ppv?
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