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  1. Forming a justice league with Pie-derman and Feast Boy.
  2. The Crepe Crusader....... Tee hee
  3. Precisely, if you're coming online here on a regular basis, then there's absolutely no excuse to me. If you're able to come online and spend time here, then you should have time to spend time to do a promo, or if not, then you should be able to send a message explaining why you can't.
    And tell me about it. It's near enough always the same ones.
  4. The way I look at late promos, there's only a few real reasons that are valid to making a promo late. Real life, illness, all that sort of stuff is fair enough, but just let someone know so something can be done about it. If it's just a matter of not being bothered then throw a couple paragraphs together and move it on. The funny thing is the ones who can't be bothered are the ones who complain when the promo requests stop coming.
  5. Ok, I'll chase him up now.
    I'm trying to have the people involved in the promos chasing each other up though rather than that liability falling on me all the time. I have a lot of other things to sort out here, so that's one thing I think the roster can help out with. I know you do it, but you'd be surprised by how many will just sit on their hands all week and then come to me on the last day saying that they're still waiting on someone else!
  6. Yeah, HJ is in the same boat as me being held up by SB.
  7. Looking at the Inferno card, you're waiting on SouthernBlood or Jose, am I right?
  8. Space made!
  9. Inbox space please.
  10. That's ok, take your time. Just seeing what time realistically the show can be done so I can plan when the ppv can go out.
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