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  1. your inbox if full Torps- I have GGG and my promos to send your way
  2. happy birthday
  3. No problem dude, take your time and make it awesome!
  4. I can get to the Raven promo probably late Friday or Sat at the earliest then send it off your way
  5. Tried reworking the Raven promo but am stuck so just go with it as is. Hopefully TTE will speak for Abyss some day
  6. can you forward my Raven part along after you are finished adding your Sting part? Kept trying to send it to you, GGG, THBK and TTE at the same time and kept getting error messages. Even taking TTE off the senders I still got the same error
  7. Alrighty- sent you my part in two PMs for WWE- diregard the first part one as the text formatting screwed up somehow. Its happened to me a few other times
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