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  1. Hey dude I need to get this promo off to you for KC, make some space?
  2. Sounds great! I'll look forward to seeing what you've got in mind, Adonis is gonna be pretty much a joke of a character, so feel free to kick his ass once we reach the end of it!
  3. Thanks, bruv. I have something in mind, though, so, once I put fingers to laptop, I'm sure it won't take too long. Although, to be fair to me, I'm far from a touch typist haha.
  4. Completely understandable mate, take your time, all of what's been going on with the childishness of others reflects poorly on us all!
  5. Torph,obviously with all of this silliness I haven'y had a chance to work on anything, buddy.. Bare with me please
  6. On it's way. Basically, it will fit in right after their opponents intro, and just before the match.... Kinda had a mad busy day at work, bruv... Give a fella a couple of hours
  7. Got that V3 arrival segment you've been writing?
  8. And yeah I did VM myself lol
  9. Not a bad idea, I think I might request people describe their character in future EWNCW promos
  10. Yep, you just VM'd yourself.Anyway... Yeah, I basically asked everyone to post what their character looks like so EVERYONE can get a good idea of who their dealing with.
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