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  1. Money's tight,
    Times are hard,
    So consider this,
    Your fucking birthday card!

    Merry birfday, old'un!
  2. Thanks man.

    Love ya!
  3. Yeah I don't remember what matches i'm supposed to do. I'll assume I still have access so will check tomorrow and do them before Sunday night.
  4. Alright bud,

    Did you get my PM yesterday?
  5. I have left a comment in the cave. No biggy. Just one of those 'seriously?'
  6. Replied Amigo.
  7. There's an FYI thing in the cave. Nowt major.
  8. There's nothing to get your head round. there are no pre-existing reasons for a lot of these ideas, they're just stop gaps until we've established where we want to go. Also i'd prefer you to PM me your thoughts, two heads are better than 5 when it comes to this sort of thing.
  9. I'm still getting my head round it because I feel as though I am missing loads of info. I'll put my thoughts in the bat cave.
  10. Any chance you could give me an idea of where you stand on the preliminary ideas? Just to confirm, they are the basic skeleton of what we're looking at, we'll add the muscle and flesh once we're settle on who goes with who.
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