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  1. Here is the Bio:

    Name: "The Golden Idol" MPH

    Real Name: Matt Peter Haze


    Hometown: Manchester, England

    Bio: Haze has long black hair and wears a mix of different wrestling Trunks. Haze’s main outfit made of two colours; Black and Gold , one side of the trunks is black with a gold pattern and the other side is gold with a black patern . Haze also wears the same style of outfit in Red and Gold, also Purple and Gold. He also wears Black Boots and Gold pads . On the way to the ring Haze wears a gold jacket just like the one HHH (Blue Blood).

    Backstory: MPH is your classic egotist. He whole heartily belives that he is the best and has a given right to be at the top. But Haze is not all style and no substance. Haze can back his words up in the ring, and will resort to any dirty tactic he can to make sure he climbs to the top and expands his bank balance.

    Finisher: 100 MPH (Clothesline to the back of the head)

    Entrance: Time to shine-Saliva
  2. Could you send me the info for your character so I can get the feel of it, please?
  3. Looking forward to it dude.
  4. Hi, seems I will be working with you in JBW. I look forward to it
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