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  1. did you see the hawks game!?
  2. I wouldn't doubt it... No one has done it to me yet... so I am glad for that.
  3. No. I think it was Robstar actually, but I'll never be able to prove it.
  4. that's true. Did the mods ever find out who it was?
  5. Yeah, he crossed the line when he started insulting everyone.
  6. I figured it was someone else... I remember those posts though... he wasn't funny about it at all.
  7. No. That was someone else. I was legit pissed off at that.
  8. hey iron ape just admitted to being the real wwetna mark... so I was wondering did you ever find out who made a profile mocking you? or was that even you I forgot... I just remember thinking what the heck? ahah
  9. Not in time for tonights game.
  10. hey is the nfl prediction contest not happening this week?
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