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  1. Aside from one match, my stuff is done. I've got to do a couple of IWA promos, then providing I'm still awake, I'll get to it.
  2. About that PM- I'm fine with it mate.
  3. Yup. From the Archie whodunnit to Derek's death, then I stopped once Carl came in, and then started again with Mr. Dyer's arrival.
  4. Just saw your post on Ash's wall! YOU WATCH EASTENDERS AS WELL?!?!?!
  5. Responded mate.
  6. HQ please mate.
  7. LOL! I hate starting promos too. I'm gonna edit mine anyway, just in case- and you're right, this could be a good one.
  8. Well, I've sent it to you anyway if you want to edit yours. I feel like together, it could be a good 'un.

    Also, I think you can see why I don't like starting promos
  9. Yo man, I've already started my bit anyway- so don't worry haha. You do your bit and send it to Eddie & I'll do mine.
  10. Dude, once again I need to apologise about you not getting the promo. It completely slipped my mind until now.

    It'll be in your inbox by 6pm tomorrow, and then you can edit and send in yours accordingly.

    Sorry dude.
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