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  1. Hey bro can u please review my new thread I will review a show of yours if u want and ppvs pm me oK?
  2. Hey mate can you take a look at my new thread and tell me what you think ?
  3. Yeah, I'm cool with that man. Thanks for telling me as well.
  4. Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11
    That's cool man. I'm excited to see what you produce!

    Awesome. Once your Impact is up, I'll review that.

    Sounds like we have a deal btw I apologize for screwing u around I just had some on going personal stuff to deal with I doubt it will affect me again but I will let you know in advance if it happens ok? I don't want to tell u about it if that is ok?
  5. hey mate can you review my new thread?
  6. Sorry mate I can't do it I hope u can understand
  7. Okay, that's fair man.
  8. I am available to review RAW should be up tomorrow and my second show tomorrow night
  9. Hey Bro Impact is ready to be reviewed
  10. I actually made a new BTB cause I lost all my documents on my other one. I haven't got Smackdown up yet. As for Impact, is it okay if I do the next show instead? I've got a few promos to do mate.
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