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  1. Yeah I got Matt and Van's, just not yours. No worries though, lucky you were online
  2. I never got Van's part so I'm not sure if he's done his or not... and yeah- I was checking through my sent items to re-read my promo, and then I realized you wasn't CC'd in it haha. Thank god for that.
  3. It's ok. I thought I had it, otherwise I'd have asked beforehand. Good save though
  4. Yeah I'll send it now haha! Sorry about that man, lol.
  5. I was just looking for it as it's the next segment to be posted lol!
    Can you forward it now?
  6. Oh my fucking days... bruv- did I get my part of the promo into you? I done it, but I forgot to CC you on it- so I'm not sure if Elder or VHX have sent it or not...
  7. Your inbox is full, please make some space ASAP man.
  8. Oh shit, ignore that PM. Sent it to the wrong person!

    EDIT: That first line was what I was gonna send to YOU haha.
  9. Thanks man!
    I plan on getting very drunk on Saturday for sure
  10. Happy Birthday man! Have a good one... and don't get too wasted.

    No, fuck that. Go and get smashed.
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