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  1. Thanks man! Would be great if you could check it out and drop some comments once it gets going!
  2. Good luck on that BTB mate!
  3. It's alright man haha- real life comes first.

    Oh shit haha- I would've messaged you at that time but I was out so I've only just seen your message.
  4. Ah, sorry man, not your fault mine really. I've been so busy over the summer lol!
    I'll see if I can grab a spare moment tonight to do those, could you perhaps send a VM later around 8pm-ish to remind me and then I'll do them then?
  5. Fuck I've just remembered about the questions- have you got them mate?
  6. Awesome mate.
  7. I'll send them your way when I get a spare moment sir
  8. Hey man, did you get my other PM? One about the questions?
  9. Yeah I got Matt and Van's, just not yours. No worries though, lucky you were online
  10. I never got Van's part so I'm not sure if he's done his or not... and yeah- I was checking through my sent items to re-read my promo, and then I realized you wasn't CC'd in it haha. Thank god for that.
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