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  1. Ahhhh yes

    I haven't got one I am on 2-6
  2. But you're too busy paying attention to Dean?

    I'm watching True Detective at the moment haha! Got a day off tomorrow at work.

  3. So I am supposed to be doing an essay....
  4. LOL Nick did 20 times

    Aye ano
  5. Imagine if Lucy came back from the dead LOL

    Good thing about Kathy though is that she died off-screen so they could easily do something about it.
  6. I think Bobby, murderin wee bastard lol

    Aye she is coming back later this year, because nobody is actually dead in EE
  7. I know haha! Gonna be amazing, let's see who fucks up!

    Haha yeah he said he wasn't gonna be there, but I thought it was just a cover-up. I was still happy with Kathy coming back though.
  8. Its all live

    Nah I knew it wouldn't be because he is filming but, I was lovin life!
  9. Haha had some balls. Tomorrow's episode should be good though!

    She's back from the mo'fucking dead haha. Thought it was gonna be Grant, but I still went mad.
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