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  1. I would say Peter!
  2. I ain't got a clue to be fair... they're making it as if EVERYONE's a suspect lol.

    I'd say Billy though.
  3. Lad!! Are you excited about Lucy being murdered?? Its so soon now and I now have a prediction for the killer
  4. I do agree, I hope it is better too

    Thanks for posting our VIP
  5. Meh, I ain't really bothered to be fair. They didn't do enough to make me care lol.

    I do hope we have another school drama though? You can't have a channel without a school drama lol.
  6. I did about genocide in history and in citizenship

    I did indeed, yourself?
  7. Yeah that's it!

    Yeah I did. Jheeze... it was such a long time ago haha.

    Did you watch Eastenders last night?
  8. Oh Hotel Rwanda! That made me gurn for the whole lesson
    You would've done WW2 aswell I assume?
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