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  1. Old, and yet I'm still younger than you.

    Cheers bruv!
  2. Happy Birthday, you old bastard.
  3. That's done babes.
  4. Oi, twat bag. Empty your inbox. You have promos and shit, yo!
  5. I had to edit my promo mate, the last part was messed up for obvious reasons.
  6. Yeah mate, I came back from Sixth Form and I was working on my BTB shows all day. Just watching Raw at the moment.

    I'll definitely have my feedback in for DBG, it was a sick PPV.
  7. I've not seen you in the IWA thread. Everything ok?
  8. So what is my reward gonna be for winning the prediction contest for NoL?!
  9. I've sent you a PM, I was meant to say "re-debut."
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