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  1. Just seen your VM Ha!

    Sorry mate. Hope you are feeling better now, Darius? Good luck with the results too!
  2. Yeah man, going to do it now! Been doing tests for school all week on top of being sick!
  3. Hey bro, any update on that promo?
  4. Hey Vand, any news on that promo mate?.
  5. So now that I'm helping Dennis..

    I'm expecting an easy victory for the team of Carter & Ryder.

    I hope your grammar is good to convince me!
  6. Okay good
  7. It's fine now bro, already sorted mate.

  8. I just cleared my inbox the other day ... I don't Sorry mate
  9. Bro, don't suppose you have the Bryan part of the RVD/Bryan promo do you?
  10. Thanks bro!
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