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  1. The only bad thing is that the magazine is back from February.
  2. Awesome! I'll check that out then. Cheers TTC
  3. Beat? Bet? No difference cause it'll cause you your ass. And yeah it's totally free m8.
  4. I can beat my ass? Ha! Can't I just bet it instead?

    Sounds great. I might download that then! Is it free?
  5. You can beat your ass it is. The Sir. Ferguson article is so hearth warming and the video of him is awesome even though it's like 10 secs long.
  6. Actually bro, I have not.. Is it good? Ronaldo! <3
  7. Hey Mr. THBK was just wondering if you had downloaded Ronaldo's eMag app. It's so awesome!♡♥♡♥
  8. FACK U! AJ ain't no fatass. I CM Punk(2011) walkout.
  9. LOL! Cheers mate <3
  10. I know he isn't. That's why I love you even more now.
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