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  1. When you are next online mate. Select what you would like to do for the 50th.
  2. Check HQ when you get the chance bro.

    Final checks before we get down to work.
  3. It was nothing serious anyways mate.

    Just basically saying to check the Raw 50th Rough Script thread. I came up with what I thought was a cool opening and match to follow.
  4. You may need to facebook it to me or post in HQ. It's not letting me highlight my messages.
  5. Yo! Clear that inbox mate.
  6. Bro, any news on that promo?
  7. Ha! Good to know mate.

    I PM'ed you.
  8. Has Niall replied to your PM yet bro?

    But I agree with you BTW. Was going to complain, but you beat me to it.
  9. Check HQ dude. Need your thoughts on a couple of idea's.
  10. Ha! No problem buddy, sounds good mate.
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