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  1. Ha! I know man- Hope you liked it.

    Yeah, enjoy bro!
  2. Felt good to finally see that happen, and now the long-awaited time for IC is here!
  3. Hey man, checked out the one where you turn the heartbreak into the thrasher.. Loved it bro, was a nice idea about turning people and stuff, the mcdeath one was totally not expected. keep it up man!
  4. Yeah man course, just keep doing your thing and your time will come! No problem man will do.
  5. yea its all good,the time will come,Yea let me know some feedback on it
  6. Don't worry man just keep going you will eventually get your break! and i will check it out!
  7. Yea I know that's why I told you to maybe have a look

    And I know me too...It seems like the only time I've EVER lost is on PPV for the title.
  8. Haven't been on recently bro so i have fallen behind a bit.. will check it out though man as you know im a big fan of your guy! Once again shocked that you didn't win the belt at the PPV! The match was pretty cool though!
  9. You should have liked the Ano Doom segment if last Redemption if you enjoyed the Cody McDerrel heel turn a ways back
  10. Cool man sounds good! always read the whole show anyways..
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