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  1. Shaz, that voice intro is done mate
  2. Check HQ when you come on bro
  3. Gary, I've just posted my final match in HQ. Check it out mate!
  4. Yo! Have you seen Magg's Wifey to be?

    What do you think man? I think he's punching above his class.

  5. Yeah YG would have been cool.

    Tune though, fair play.
  6. Yeah Tyga's definitely suited for this DJ Mustard beat.. YG too.
  7. Yeah he's the odd one out, Tyga would have been cool and would have made more sense, perhaps.
  8. Yeah it's a tune mate! God knows why they put 2 Chainz on it though haha.
  9. Bro, you heard this remix? Pretty sick, man.
  10. Happy Birthday bro!
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