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  1. Still haven't done that promo man, untill you reply im not sure how you wan't me to do it mate, Check my PM and reply if you can bro! Im also busy tomorrow mate so earlier the better if you can..
  2. Dude did you get my Pm?.
  3. Looking forward to doing the shows mate?. you have done well with the ones in the past.. and the redemption one you did
  4. No problem man.
  5. No worries bro, I dont mind waiting because i always enjoy reading the shows! Thanks for letting me know man,
  6. I doubt there will be havoc tonight man, I'm still waiting on some promos if I don't get them by tomorrow I will do it without them.
  7. Haha! Thanks man Looking forward to the show
  8. DAMN IT, it keeps doing that but I said it was el perfecto!
  9. The PM you sent me was blank mate
  10. No problem bro! Anything you want me to include or do different?. also has the plans changed?. PM me if you can man,
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