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  1. oh well
  2. LOL! No good to me now man I needed that information last year, Dutch.

    Maybe a trip to Amsterdam is on the cards this year though Cheers for the info my friend.
  3. i saw your visitor message from last year lol. If you go to Amsterdam you can still get your stuff. Those rules are only applied to the South of the Netherlands where I live. In Amsterdam you can still do whatever you like
  4. I don't either man, my cousins do though.. I was going for the experience

    Nah don't want to chance it really man. We are looking into going elsewhere now. The Octoberfest in Germany could be the next destination
  5. Well then I should just listen to what your mates said It's possible some cafe's don't follow the rules I don't use drugs so I really don't know
  6. Haha! Damn that's a shame man.

    I'm hearing so many conflicting stories on the situation though and a couple of my mates went like a month or two ago and said they smoked over there. They said about the passes but said some cafe's still served them. I will take your word for it though mate and I guess we will have to go somewhere else so screw your Amsterdam and economy LOL!

    Thanks for letting me know anyways bro!
  7. but the Red Light District is still there for other "fun"
  8. Yes it's true, now the "fun" is only for the Dutchies I don't know exactly how it works but it seems you need a special pass to get some stuff in the coffee shops since November last year. You can still get it in the illegal way though
  9. Dutchy! I have a question for you mate. Have Amsterdam stopped the "fun" that Amsterdam has to offer to the foreigners?. Me and a couple of cousins were looking to go but we got told it's been stopped.. Is it true man?.
  10. LOL!

    I would rather play Abel Xavier upfront.
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