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  1. Replied Check HQ!
  2. Will check it out now bro, love the start of the Havoc promo man.. Look forward too adding my bit
  3. Yeah threw some ideas out bro
  4. Okay man!

    Yeah we will do that now if you wan't mate?
  5. Okay, wasn't two parts haha

    And yeah I just replied bro.

    We need to work out this week's promo assignments. I think I know what we need to do.
  6. No problem bro.. was waiting for you too come on mate!

    I have started writing one of the matches for Wrestlemania also! Plus yeah check HQ.
  7. Okay bro! Sending you the promo now! Might be two parts!

    Also, will reply in HQ shortly.
  8. Check HQ bro! Also you can send that promo now dude.
  9. Done mate! Sorry man.
  10. THE HEARTBREAK KID has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    I'm trying to send you the Havoc promo here dude!
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