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  1. Okay mate will check it out

    I'm heading out also man but it should be fine bro! There's not too much so I should get it done.
  2. Dude! Put some stuff in HQ for you to check out!

    Still waiting on 3 promos for MITB and the Warrior/Jericho bit.

    Gonna work on that match now- but I can't do much for the show tomorrow night since I'm heading out for my friend's birthday!
  3. Awesome man! really enjoyed doing this one.
  4. Amazing bro. That's why you're the longest reigning champion in HWA history
  5. Done! sending it now.. hope it's okay.
  6. Good lad!!!!
  7. Doing that Havoc promo now man!
  8. Look at the roster thread on here dude!
  9. Same dude!
  10. Replied Check HQ!
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