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  1. You didn't bud
  2. Bro, I didn't have nothing for Rev this week.. correct? I'm sure I didn't but now I'm doubting and searching through my inbox Ha!
  3. I replied bro.
  4. I left you a message on FB bro.
  5. Cheers man, I do appreciate it.

    Those words have hit home a little.
  6. Dude are you on FB?

    Was looking for some advice and as always, you are the right man.
  7. No worries.

    Good show.
  8. I did man, thanks for the thoughts.
  9. Not sure if you seen bro.

    There's a review from me in among all those post's mate, not sure if you seen it.
  10. Sending it now buddy.

    Really hope it's decent.
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