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  1. Calls it practice... Steals the show.

    Yep.. That's Eddie Ha!
  2. Haha thanks buddy.

    Truth be told, I wasn't overall happy with it. Feel like I need the practice.
  3. That Ic'ing/promo from Bray has gone down a storm Ha! I'm pleased I added it too the show.

    As soon as I seen it, I thought.. that's quality, it needs to be seen. Kudos man!
  4. I thought so.
  5. Yeah bud, Full Throttle was there.
  6. Detroit my friend The Joe Louis arena.

    IWA had a show there not so long ago right? I made a note of that in the intro so I hope so Ha!
  7. Where is Armageddon buddy? Location wise haha, not as in me demanding to see the show.
  8. Thanks for the kind words on your list amigo Means so much coming from you.
  9. You didn't bud
  10. Bro, I didn't have nothing for Rev this week.. correct? I'm sure I didn't but now I'm doubting and searching through my inbox Ha!
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