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  1. Well, had to come up with something hahaha!
  2. Straight outta' Birmingham! Quality, made me laugh Ha!

  3. Only one thing you should follow.
  4. #FollowTheShowOff

  5. 1) Great

    2) I hate you It's Broge trois dammit! Zero said so and it's his birthday!

    #3MB #ThreeManBromance
  6. 1) I very much enjoyed it buddy.

    2) You are a third wheel. #Bromance
  7. Yo' when you get the time, perhaps when your back from Hogwarts, let me know what you thought of the Mankind promo. I can't be letting the family down
  8. Sorry mate. Been so busy man, not stopped this weekend.

    It's for Thursday anyways but I'll get onto it as soon as I can Eddie.
  9. You gonna do this AJ promo bro?
  10. Bro, are you busy? If not, could you jump on F/B please.
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