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  1. Bro, are you busy? If not, could you jump on F/B please.
  2. Ha! Maybe Was you cool with the ending?
    I mean, I'm sure you will throw some feedback and say soon enough any ways when you get the chance but I was wondering how it would go with everyone. So far, so good.

    Nah I can understand. I mean, it's not really your fault. When you were on a roll and on fire with the character, we closed so it's going to take a little while for you to feel 100% with him again. Personally, I think have you have been great. Otherwise I would have made it the Mankind Family
  3. Haha somehow I think Austin Aries stole the show

    No, I'm serious. I feel I was much better as Wyatt a while back. I wanna build back up to a level I'm happy with.
  4. Calls it practice... Steals the show.

    Yep.. That's Eddie Ha!
  5. Haha thanks buddy.

    Truth be told, I wasn't overall happy with it. Feel like I need the practice.
  6. That Ic'ing/promo from Bray has gone down a storm Ha! I'm pleased I added it too the show.

    As soon as I seen it, I thought.. that's quality, it needs to be seen. Kudos man!
  7. I thought so.
  8. Yeah bud, Full Throttle was there.
  9. Detroit my friend The Joe Louis arena.

    IWA had a show there not so long ago right? I made a note of that in the intro so I hope so Ha!
  10. Where is Armageddon buddy? Location wise haha, not as in me demanding to see the show.
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