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  1. Kinda' guessed that when you went quiet on us lol Yeah I know that feeling man.. I'm enjoying mine, but it's hard to keep the ball rolling and it's pretty much me and Shaz carrying that section on our back and doing each others reviews, would be good to have you back in and among it with your own show bro. Would you do a WWE one? I'm assuming so.
  2. I never really left, I just don't speak up as much, plus have barely no appetite for fedding right now. Keep thinking of making a new BTB but finding it hard to get it rolling haha!
  3. I'm good bro, can't complain How come your back around man? I thought you were gone for good to be honest.
  4. Yeah man, all good! Hope things are all good on your end?
  5. Nice one Amigo, it's been a long time bro, hope you are well?
  6. Happy Birthday dude!
  7. Well, had to come up with something hahaha!
  8. Straight outta' Birmingham! Quality, made me laugh Ha!

  9. Only one thing you should follow.
  10. #FollowTheShowOff

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