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  1. Ha! cleared bro If you wanna' go again and have the last word, that's fine with me mate.

    I assumed that was the plan, totally up to you bro.
  2. Since yo' inbox is full here is my reply

    I do.....

    Anyways. is it finished or would like for me to to add more and have the final word?
  3. I guess we could go again man, will do my bit now and PM you back.
  4. Fair enough, to be fair, he's been busy with speeches and stuff.
  5. When Eddie answers.
  6. Is the next ITT going up bro?
  7. No problem mate.. Off course, when you are ready.
  8. I did, next question will be sent a bit later. Been somewhat busy.
  9. You get my reply bro?.
  10. Hey bro, I think I have answered everything that was sent.

    Is there anymore?.
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