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  1. You likely won't.. many people within E-ffeding just look out for there character sadly.

    There are some that will from time to time give prop's too others.. and you will likely start getting that once you do some promo's with Jelly, don't be afraid too get involved in the discussion thread either.

    the main things is we liked it and you seemed too enjoy it = job done.
  2. Yes that's why I said it, but I haven't gotten any feedback from it.
  3. Yeah really well I thought.. well done!

    Did you like the show?
  4. My first promo went well
  5. Already? Haha! okay will do.
  6. Clear some more room in your mail box plz
  7. Haha! sorry, will do it now
  8. Now it's you who needs to delete messages :P
  9. Wicked! Glad you enjoyed it.
  10. The show was awesome!
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