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  1. GG! Please.. pretty please, tell me you have our promo stored somewhere?.
  2. I'm going to PM you now miss... Or maybe later.
  3. You women just have no patience..
  4. You men always putting things off for later lol.
  5. Haha! I'm not trying to honest..

    I will later, honestly!
  6. Aww you keep teasing me lol. You said that yesterday and I'm dying to know what the idea was.
  7. I will PM you later Going out in a little bit.
  8. I still wanna hear the idea just in case lol. And also tell me if you came to an agreement.
  9. Oh yeah, sorry about that It may not matter now anyways because he replied.
  10. Hey boss man I'm still waiting on that idea you said you had for me.
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