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  1. That's cool, no problem.

    I'm just working a lot at the moment.. it's a normal thing for me after Christmas. Why's that?.
  2. Yup Christmas and my b-day were good, thanks for asking. Are you just working a lot lately or will you be around less from now on?
  3. I messaged you.. but you never replied, now whats up with that? I'm good though miss, been working a lot recently so ain't been on here too much.. hope you are well and enjoyed the holidays as well as your Birthday?.
  4. Hey boss man I haven't heard from you lately. What's up with that?
  5. Haha! You women.. always the same Hope you enjoyed the holidays miss and had a good birthday?.
  6. Lol don't be silly. I know you didn't leave it out on purpose so I wouldn't be upset with you, but I will hold it against you to get what I want some time in the future mwahahaha.
  7. Lets do that then my bad again GG.. I didn't mean it though so I hope you are not too upset with me.
  8. After more thought it might be a waste to use the Teddy/Eve promo for the rest of the show now. Nitro was already posted while RAW was posted over a day ago so I can't imagine many people will go back to read it even if told it was added. Might be best to save it for the next show.
  9. I guess at the end of the show.
  10. Okay we have the promo One problem, space was made in the show, but the space is not big enough.. two choices, we put it at the end and let people know so they can check it out.. or we put the promo in the discussion thread where people can see it.

    Totally up to you, sorry for the mix up I take full blame.
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