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  1. Yeah it happened to me all the time a little while ago, I couldn't post anything without editing a smaller post.
  2. Ok I'll try that thanks! That's never happened to me before and three times?
  3. Not really sure, GG, the site is buggy.

    My advice, type a sentence or a couple of words, then edit that post and paste in your review, then send. See if that works.
  4. I've tried to review the show three times and each time my comment doesn't appear, I don't know what's wrong, any ideas?
  5. GG, any update with the promo? I think it's only yours I'm waiting on You have till Thursday, but thought I would check in- make sure everything is okay.
  6. Lol I've been gone a long time
  7. Lucky I checked your page because you sent your reply, to your own profile Such a rookie move, GG lol.
  8. GG, did you get my PM?

    Clear your inbox and PM me back, please
  9. GG when you get the chance, send me some new and updated Bio's please! Also, confirmation of the characters you wish to keep and drop would be awesome. I'm sure I know already, but the confirmation would be beneficial
  10. Good job with the promo's GG. Much better.
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