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  1. GG when you get the chance, send me some new and updated Bio's please! Also, confirmation of the characters you wish to keep and drop would be awesome. I'm sure I know already, but the confirmation would be beneficial
  2. Good job with the promo's GG. Much better.
  3. Okay, send it too me again.
  4. Nope, I'll just send you another message.
  5. Which? I'm sure I did.. Didn't I? :/
  6. Hey you never responded to my last message and I'm curious.
  7. Are you on FB, GG?.
  8. Alright, when is it due?
  9. GG. Beer Money have a promo assignment for Impact. If you would like to have some involvement with Jackie, message TTC, okay?
  10. Ha! Enjoy.
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