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  1. Hmm, that's up to you honestly bro. I wouldn't waste £16 for an early week for it but it's pretty good. I personally hate the main menu now but so far it seems to be good lol

    I don't know about the other thing though bro sorry
  2. I was thinking about getting it then. The season pass is £16 which is not a problem really. I'm just unsure if too get it or not.
    I don't suppose if you know, will the pass carry on to the Xbox One if I bought it now, do you mate?.

    Also, what's the game like.. Good?.
  3. It's literally like buying it on games on demand
    7GB large but I'm basically playing the retail with everything going for it
    I'd recommend saving a bit of cash and buying the season pass in a few weeks so you get FIFA 15 on xbox one a week early (you get other stuff free as well, like 1 free gold pack for 20 weeks)
  4. Bro, the Fifa 14 early access. Is all the game modes, available to play?
  5. Good job buddy, doing my bit now.. Will be done in a little while.
  6. Bro! Are you online?
  7. Up to you bro, if you want to go first or last be my guest. Just let me know ASAP :3
  8. Mate only just got online and seen the promo from G.G.G.

    Are you going first with the response mate?
  9. Check your FB inbox for more info mate!
  10. Haha! Still better then dropping the titles to the Pardy Boyz! (I hope B-Mac & Den see this. )
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