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  1. When are you starting the IWA promo bro?
  2. I will start it tomorrow then mate. Will have it sent to you when I'm done.
  3. Indifferent honestly but if you wouldn't mind going first then I'd love you forever :3 lol
  4. Bro, let me know if you want to start the promo, or you would like me too.
  5. No problem amigo, we will get it done any ways.

    Sleep well man, laters.
  6. I know I've still to pass on the promo to you and I know I've said somewhere I'd do it tonight but I'm going to bed now because I'm knackered. I'll do it once i'm awake tomorrow bro. Sorry
  7. lol sorry bro
    didn't know we had that in us! lol
  8. Ha! fair enough mate Well as usual, I'm suckered in and will be buying it.

    At least I get to go United and play a game with all there fantastic new signings.... :/ Oh yeah. lol.

    BTW, Congrats on another demolition against us mate! #Easy.
  9. A tad more physical, refs are more whistle crazy when you're offside and will whistle you even if you have no chance of getting the ball or someone already has it, updated kits and catalogue is improved

    pretty much fifa 13 2 really lol
  10. Just seen your reply mate, cheers for the info bro! I decided to wait for Friday.

    Have to be honest though, not as excited as I normally am because there does not seem to be a great deal of change from what I could tell from the Demo, I mean the graphics are better but that's expected really. Have you had the chance to play career mode bro, if so.. any changes?.
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