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  1. Welcome back amigo! Hope you had a good time.
  2. Will do tomorrow pal!
  3. Hey bro second show of the Fed is up man, would welcome your feedback bro if you got the time!
  4. Nice man, had a feeling you would have done yours already. Just hoping it gets back to me before thursday so i don't have to rush it and i can let the promo flow! Haha!
  5. Aye. Gave Krow and Eddie my start a few hours back. So it's now on your guys :P
  6. Bro have you started/finished your part for Havoc's promo?.
  7. Hey bro, was just wondering when you get the time if you could review and give us some feedback on our first show off the WWE Fed.
  8. Wow that's sad to hear! going to miss tho guys.. Glad you are still here tho man!

    No worries mate i haven't been on much lately! Hopefully i will be on a bit more this week.
  9. Ah cheers pal Means a lot. I'm hoping Cass jobs to you if we ever have a feud since I don't want Cass to be successful lol Sorry about not making the top 15 list btw we've been quite active lol

    Sadly yeah. But we're still here pal.
  10. Hey man your promo for Cass on Carnage was good man well done! i did say it in the EWA thread but dont know if you seen it..
    Also has Steve & Wade both left this site then?.
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