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  1. You will miss me though.. Right?

    Also, have you seen this...

  2. I thank you
    Gunna suck that I'm against and not with you now ;_; lol
  3. Good start on the promo mate.
  4. LOL! Glad you liked it man.
  5. Perfect! (Expect to be buried for the Whitecaps comment lol)

    Thanks man.
  6. I done it buddy,

    Hope it's okay?
  7. Either will work pal
  8. Yo amigo.. I'm doing that promo now.

    Question? Should I do it with comedy or serious? I'm thinking comedy or at least an attempt of comedy as I think it would be out of place to do it serious in APW lol.
  9. No worries, it's 13th yeah
  10. Sorry man, not been on much recently.

    It's due for the 13th any ways, right? Will try start it tonight and pass it on.
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