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  1. Haha! well least you are honest mate these promos were olny examples of how the person does there promo and how good they are, there not really a must do! we also set the deadline for monday! If you can get it too me by then cool! if not dont worry about it.. as long as you are still interested in taking part then thats more important!
  2. Can I give it to you next Friday? I've got a busy week coming up and kinda forgot it.
  3. Any news on the Kurt Angle promo?.
  4. Alrite man thanks..
  5. Ok, I'll work on it.
  6. Alrite man no problem! im not sure if you know or not.. but Pau was banned! so basically me and few others have taken over for him! if you could.. could you please send a promo for Kurt Angle, anything you want to do! it's just too see how people write there promo's and how good they are really! No time set tho.. so give it too me in a couple of days or somthing if you can! thanks!
  7. Yeah, I think pauadrian confirmed my character in the thread.
  8. Hey man, did you Want Kurt Angle in this WWE-Fed ?. i think sombody put your name down for him, was just checking?.
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