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  1. Lucky I come back on Ha! I'm also headed out for the day/night bro.

    So yeah, I'll give it a try before I leave.
  2. I've sent you the first part of the Raw promo, can you forward it to Jelly once he clears some messages? I'm going out and won't be back until tomorrow so best that you send it to him tonight if that's cool?
  3. Lol! It's been stuck in my head for days since I randomly came across it
    Definitely better than his WWE/WWF one though!
  4. I can't stop listening too that Scott Hall TNA theme now Ha!

    First time I heard it today and it's pretty good.
  5. Cheers buddy.
  6. Great job with the promo. Really good.
  7. Hmm okay mate. Monday will be the posting day, I went with a Saturday deadline for these very reasons and time to adjust if it had too be done.

    Cheers for the update Tommy, I'll speak with Eddie I'll let you know if there's any changes.
  8. Just an update, I'm still waiting on Eddie to send me his part of the promo for Raw, I've just asked him for an update now. Obviously though it's going to be a task to get it all the way round everyone by tomorrow now.
  9. Cheers Tommy I did man.
  10. Forgot to say; happy birthday for the other day man. Hope you had a good one!
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