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  1. I will be out of touch March 31 -April 11 and can not do any promos during that time. Just wanted to give you an early heads up.
  2. Nah dude it was fine honestly, don't worry.

    The error weren't a spelling mistake or anything like that, seemed to be a mistake with the assignment but again, don't worry, we have sorted it mate.
  3. Yeah i had found an error too, asking Shaz if he could change it. Hope their wasnt alot more lol. Been awhile writing one of those.
  4. It's alright mate, no worries. Shaz forwarded me the formatted promo.

    Yeah it's decent man, a nice introduction back to the character. One small error but we can change it man, no problem there.

    Will be good having you bro, welcome back to feddin'
  5. Idk why but the formatting of my promo is all jumbled it. Ive allways had that problem from time to time here. I had sent it to Shaz first, and separately, and his retained alls its formatting so all is good, i hope lol
  6. Hope I did ok. Its been awhile
  7. I got your PM's bro- Good job.
  8. Thanks for the compliments buddy, I'm glad you like my Booker shows. Thank's for taking the time too read them.

    As for the poster, it's honestly no problem at all mate. Don't worry.
  9. That May be the best bet on this one tbh. Between working, going back and forth to see my gf, or even when she comes down to see me, that and practicing and learning songs it's not a lot of downtime. I was able to finally catch up on your ecw btb and you are doing great, makes me miss efedding. Makes me miss the WWE fantasy one the most
  10. It's okay dude, no worries.

    If you don't have the time, that's no problem. As it's an old ECW Ppv and not a custom one, I'll use an old poster, no problem
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