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  1. Ah it's fine man, don't worry. We have the promo and that's the main thing- Good job bro.
  2. It went thru with Firefox- I forgot to format it though because I figured it would fuck up again- anyways you and Shaz have it- sorry for it not being colored and stuff
  3. It's affected others too man- So annoying Ha! Try again bro. If it continues to mess up, we will edit it mate, don't worry.
  4. fuuuuuuckkkkkkk! lol- this site is messing me up again sending in my promo- its jumbling it all together. I will try another browser
  5. Right, okay mate, I'll message Tommy now.
  6. never got TTs part so I just went ahead and did my part- so you, shaz and eddie have it in all of your inboxes
  7. Sounds awesome. Enjoy mate.
  8. Paris, then south France, Eze, its near Cannes. Coze de Azure, the blue coast
  9. Ah that's awesome man! Where are you headed from there? I'm sure you said, just can't remember most likely.
  10. I will be on your side of the world next week and actually be in London for a layover. Wish it were a longer stay, been awhile since been there
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