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  1. Sounds awesome. Enjoy mate.
  2. Paris, then south France, Eze, its near Cannes. Coze de Azure, the blue coast
  3. Ah that's awesome man! Where are you headed from there? I'm sure you said, just can't remember most likely.
  4. I will be on your side of the world next week and actually be in London for a layover. Wish it were a longer stay, been awhile since been there
  5. No problem bro Yep, we are aware dude and thanks again for the early notice, appreciate it mate.
  6. If you need any promos from me for the next show, as long as i get the assignment by Friday i can pop one out, my weekend is gonna be full. And of course you know the other days i will be gone.
  7. Noted by creative bro, appreciate it man!
  8. I will be out of touch March 31 -April 11 and can not do any promos during that time. Just wanted to give you an early heads up.
  9. Nah dude it was fine honestly, don't worry.

    The error weren't a spelling mistake or anything like that, seemed to be a mistake with the assignment but again, don't worry, we have sorted it mate.
  10. Yeah i had found an error too, asking Shaz if he could change it. Hope their wasnt alot more lol. Been awhile writing one of those.
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