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  1. That thing with GG? Yeah, I'm all for it.
  2. Cool. Look forward too it.
  3. Thanks. I'm in the middle of planning out Part 2.
  4. Great job with the Rumble so far mate. Really like what I have seen.
  5. Thanks for the endorsement.
  6. That's fair enough mate, I get that totally.

    Well it should be no problem mate if you want to write a match, I always feel that because you originally came up with the concept.. had you ever wanted to be involved I would allow it so if you would like to write a match down the line.. Yeah, should be no problem.
  7. To be honest, no. I wouldn't mind the extra workload but the thing is, I also have to bare the knowledge of what happens before the show is posted and I enjoy being an eager spectator. If I were to be a creative member, I'd have to slowly retire most or all of my characters in the fed before I considered the role. But I just want to have a grasp at writing matches before I get into the fray.
  8. Really? Took me by surprise with that one mate. Sounds good man, did you ever think about applying for a creative position?.
  9. Hey, I'd like to volunteer to write a match in the future as well, preferably the RR. I might even make a sample Royal Rumble match featuring the Fantasy Fed's talent, send it to you and you'll be able to see how well you think it is.
  10. Stop moaning about Mania and read the only WWE that matters! Raw has been posted.
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