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  1. Clear some space Jelly man.
  2. Will do, THBK.
  3. Happy Birthday Jelly! Have a good one mate.
  4. Bro, just letting you know. I'm kind of writing for Maria, it will make sense when you read Raw.
  5. Nice! Have you picked a match you would like to see happen on Raw/Nitro/Impact?.
  6. Darn skippy I did.
  7. Jelly, You won the prediction contest right?.
  8. Full again, huh? Sonofabitch.

    Okay, man. Will do.
  9. Inbox is full mate, I will respond here.

    Okay mate, I understand that totally.

    So I will change the promo plans for all yes? Could you let the people you are meant to promo with know please bro and let me know when things are good for you again to continue writing. Good luck with the exams to Jelly, wishing you well.
  10. Cleared. Send the PM.
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