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  1. Jelly, you must have seen Cap America two by now, tell me, awesome right? I seen it yesterday. I loved it and I'm not even a big Captain America fan.
  2. LOL! That gave me a chuckle.

    Thanks Jelly, appreciate it man.
  3. But seriously, Happy Birthday!
  4. Hey, man. So ordinarily, this is the part where I come on here, say "Happy Birthday!", I send you a cake with a stripper in it, yada, yada, yada. But since you're such special dude, I thought I'd do something different........

    ....except I know that you're gonna have a blast and forget all about me so you know what? F*** you! I hope you have a crappy birthday and you get nothing but sweaters as presents! Jerk! *storms out*
  5. Turns out..

    She's scared of you too! Ha!

    I'm going to plan B to end your reign of threats!
  6. See? Ashley knows what's up.
  7. Oh Lord. I'm shaking. No really. Shaaaaaaaakkkkkking.

  8. I'm telling Ashley..

    She will sort you out for me!

    Yeah, go ahead.. Be scared.
  9. I won't hurt you. Really.
  10. No!

    You have scared me away for good.. You big meanie'
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