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  1. No worries, buddy. We understand.

    I'm alright man, thank you. How about you?
  2. Understood,man its been crazy moving into new place and shit but i will nexr week if given assignment. How are you ?
  3. I didn't hand out the assignments this time, OMB.

    However, I'm pretty sure he did, yes. Remember though, when something is done, it needs to be sent to both creative and the person you are working with. Had Eddie not sent anything.. What would have happened? Missing promo.
  4. Eddie sent u are promo right?
  5. Don't worry about it OMB, no harm done, luckily.

    Just be aware for next time bro
  6. Im so sorry THBK, i really thought it was sent to all . I looked back at the msg tgought it was connected to al and it wasnt. Its my bad man. Again sorry i went abd sent it one by one
  7. Cool. Send me & creative the Bio's, we will take a look.
  8. Cool man btw i got a tag team for pwr too lol
  9. Your Promo? Yes.. I got it man.
  10. I sent mine to shaz u get it?
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