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  1. In the crowd? Yeah I seen that man.
  2. Hey Eva showed up on nxt
  3. E mail?????
  4. Hey what's Ur email man I wanna send u somethin I can't send here lol
  5. Yeah I think it would do her good to go back down and train with the NXT ladies.
  6. She should go to nxt for month have a feud learn Mic skills but hey she could do good
  7. Oh I thought you meant in a match, at like Main Event or something.

    Yeah I've seen the pictures and a few other clips. Good on her, fair play. Nice of Kendrick to help out. I like the ending where she used his own finisher, that was cool. Again though, see how she fares when it comes to wrestling on the main show when the pressure is on.
  8. When did she do this bro?

    I respect her and the other Diva's like Cameron for trying to improve and the fact that they both clearly have passion rather then being happy just to be used as Valets or models for the WWE is great. I'll reserve my judgement on Eva until I see for my own eyes but it's cool that she's training with Kendrick.
  9. So Eva Marie actually looks good in ring I can't believe I said that but she's been training with kendrick and did the kendrick plus springboard torando ddt suicide dive body slam and etc man
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