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  1. Cool. Send me & creative the Bio's, we will take a look.
  2. Cool man btw i got a tag team for pwr too lol
  3. Your Promo? Yes.. I got it man.
  4. I sent mine to shaz u get it?
  5. Dude. Can you send me a PM confirming your finishers with the final names, please? I'm updating the Bio's at the moment so would like to do yours, before we forget and the new show's come out.
  6. No worries man.

    Zero had already sent it too me, but thanks anyways bro.
  7. Sent u the promos sorrys its alot of msg doing on phone
  8. I noticed. Good job man, I'm excited about what you do with Graves in PWR.
  9. Done the info stuff
  10. Ah fair enough man.

    Looking forward too seeing what you come up with
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