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  1. Bro, can you send your Omega promo to Zero please.

    Shaz has it, I believe, he's not been online yet though.
  2. Ha! Should have used your charm and sealed the deal man.. Everyone loves a cougar!
  3. Ya im pretty sure i was hit on by cougar
  4. Good man! Sounds like you celebrated it well.

    Cheers bro, glad you liked it.
  5. Hey man thanks lil hungover but i read show great job
  6. Happy Birthday, OMB. Have a good one bro!
  7. Thanks OMB.
  8. Ya here mate,
    Its called my demons by starset
  9. Dude, what's the theme for Vince Omega.

    The link you sent along with the bio is broke- the video was removed.
  10. Happy holidays man
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