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  1. Well that's the aim.. as long as you are having fun, then it's all good That's why we all do this for the fun. If our characters end up being successful then it's an added bonus.

    I think you will do well here though
  2. Just trying to keep up, ya know? This is kind of fun.
  3. Nope! it's all fine so far. Impressive too, I think you are handling yourself very well for a newcomer. Can't wait to see how you develop here.
  4. I'm not going to over the line am I? I am not trying to offend anybody.
  5. I think you are going to fit into the WWE Fed very well
  6. No problem at all.. when I joined, people were very helpful to me so it's the least I could do.

    Yeah sure feel free to PM me and I will reply next time I'm on.
  7. I think I will PM you. You have been very helpful so far. Thank you. ^^
  8. There you go then! sounds like you would be perfect for E-ffeding.

    Well I'm sure you will be welcome in every fed but as the owner of the WWE one we would love to have you if you wanted to try it out. If so, then feel free to PM me and we can talk about potential idea's and Characters and so on..
    If you choose to go to another E-fed then awesome! I'm always here if you need any advice or have any questions and I wish you the best and hope you have fun!
  9. Hmm seems interesting, I might have to check it out. I've always wanted to be a wrestler/creative writer for WWE. I used to play this game mostly with myself, where I would pick a wrestler (Such as Zack Ryder) and I would talk about stuff I wanted to have happen to him, and a lot of times it would actually happen with in a matter of months. It was pretty cool, I did the same thing with Christian.
  10. Awesome! Good to hear.

    Yeah it's very much role playing. In most of the Efed's on here, you create you own character and take on the role of a wrestler, you will then be giving assignments each week providing you are needed on the show, those assignments will likely ask for a promo.. Now the promo is everything in effeding. it will determine how good you are and how far you can go.
    The fed I run though is the WWE Fantasy fed which allows people to control there favorite characters from any promotion and portray them.

    In general effeding can seem pretty nerd'ish but in truth it's an awesome way to express creativity and make some new friends on this site, it's basically what I have enjoyed doing most on here and I joined without knowing what effeding was lol. All members are welcome into the E-feds and there are plenty of people who are willing to help you out and give advice if you so need it.
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