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  1. What happened too that promo? If you are no longer interested then just say man.
  2. Check out Raw mate! it was posted.

    Give us some feedback on the show too!
  3. Totally my fault man. I take the full blame and I'm sorry again..

    Let me know then dude, if you cant or don't want to.. we will change plans. so let me know ASAP please man.
  4. Yup. Man, I was proud of that shit, too. lol. I'll try and rewrite it if I can. I didn't even copy and paste that or anything, but like I said, I will try.
  5. You get my PM bro?.
  6. OK. Ready when you are.
  7. I will be PM'ing you shortly about the fed mate.
  8. Did you get my PM bro?.
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