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  1. So am I.. Looking forward too it even more now! off course not, I am actually really happy you asked.. thank you! It's alright now, ache's a little but nothing too major, the swelling has gone down which is cool.. getting it checked out Wednesday x
  2. Glad i reminded you Ohhhh nice Hope you don't think i am being nosey, just wondering if your knee is any better?? x
  3. Oh yeah! forgot about that.. Awesome! Okay cool.. I was just finishing some things off for the WWE Fed x
  4. Well it is HBK appreciation night Just doing some research and reading Wbu? x
  5. Yeah deffo! What you up too now then miss Punk?.
  6. Yeah i am the same, i hate when i get excited and it turns out wick Yep i am the same x
  7. Yep! Yeah hopefully, I always look forward too it anyways and more often then not.. unless it's awful, I normally always enjoy it also.
  8. We're just lovely people I know Me too Should be good x
  9. Haha! Yeah I'm kind of the same with my mates That's wicked.. Yeah I always am, always intrigued too see what they do x
  10. LOL Yes i am, I am the one that takes care of them They are too but, I always keep an eye on them You really are I am indeed and i don't need to get up early tomorrow Wbu?? x
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