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  1. LOL I like Silva and Kompany, well worthy of the captaincy Well at least you know good players Noooooooo, just you admit PS3 is better and it'll be fine x
  2. Yeah I don't like Tevez the person.. the guy is like Mercenary! I do like Aguero, the guy is awesome.. really good player, Silva too.. though I'm a United fan I respect good players and I don't respect many more then I do Kompany! He's such a quality player No we are not... Just admit Xbox is better and it will all be fine! x
  3. Yeah he is You know, i may be one of the few city supporters that doesn't really like Tevez, Aguero is awesome Are we gonna go through this again?? x
  4. Really? He's a decent player, not as good as Tevez or Aguero IMO though Haha! he actually has a PS3 too, we wanted too player a good console though so we chose the Xbox! x
  5. Well he is one of my favourite players I agree Thank-You It is very good Couldn't you have found a PS3 anywhere?? x
  6. Thought so! You love that guy don't you? Tevez and Aguero play so well together though, Glad you feel a little bit better then Cool, sounds perfect too me! Yeah it was good, just wen't round my cousins and basically just had a lads night in, Xbox and that sort of thing! x
  7. I am Yeah i agree, should have started Dzeko in my mind LOL Sounds good I am the same, a little better than yesterday so, sport and DVDs today Have a good night last night?? x
  8. So you must be happy! Man City looked really good today, well done on winning.. I'm good anyways, just a lazy day today.. what about you? x
  9. Just in my nature Well i try too be how i was brought up too Okay, talk soon x
  10. Yeah that's nice though.. it's good to know there still some really nice people in the world Thanks, like I said it was the way I was raised so I always try too be! Right I'm going now.. speak too you soon x
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