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  1. Yeah very true! Yeah I can imagine.. How come you're not sleeping? too much on your mind or just cant.. LOL! 80 Big family huh? Just messing.. You doing voluntary work at a nursery then I'm guessing? x
  2. Well he gotta even more then Hard too sleep but, up early with limited sleep doesn't help Neither does 80 screaming kids -.- x
  3. Yeah exactly.. he's also my uncle Haha Yeah would have been.. so glad I got it checked out, anyways.. you said you been sleepy, finding it hard too sleep are you or just the early mornings you have been getting up for? x
  4. Yeah exactly Well that is a good boss, he is your employer after all.. that is a bad idea :/ You're very welcome THBK x
  5. Yeah just the way it goes.. I'm just looking forward too going on that holiday now and resting up! It sure can.. Boss was the one that made me get it checked out though if not I would continued working with it.. not good Haha Well I'm going too... Thanks Ashley x
  6. Oh dear that does sound painful After it healing and all, you hurt it again Work can be a bitch! -.- Hope the results are all good Don't have to say thanks Its genuine x
  7. That's okay No don't mind you asking.. well a couple of moths ago I tore my ACL and was mean't too have surgery on it, I didn't in the end and just healed it up and then wen't back too working and playing sports and yesterday I was doing a job and I just re-hurt the same knee causing more damage So yeah.. just been told too take is easy now and don't work until I have some results on the scan I had, I will be alright anyways.. thanks for caring miss x
  8. Exactly Well thanks Oh dear How, if you don't mind me asking? I hope you are okay Gooooood x
  9. Well if that happens.. 1. I would be like Epic and maybe mark out 2. I will get you a medal! Yeah I have been okay, hurt my knee yesterday in work so a little bit in pain but apart from that I'm good x
  10. Well after not appearing on Raw 1000, I think that SCSA will return at the rumble after Punk defeats the rock.. then this will be the build up to a wrestlemainia main event, after punk loses the championship at the elimination chamber.. If reports are true of a reuniting of the nwo, this would also be valid after their feud with Austin at Wrestlemania x8.. I think i deserve a medal if this were all true Well what you think I have been very sleepy but, good Wbu?? x
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