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  1. I think I would rather see Man City beat Chelsea deffo! I also think they will.. Chelsea will be better this year with all the money spent though, and BTW, reading back on our convo.. I understand now that you said Charity shield final as the war, when I thought you were on about the United/City one last year LOL! I guess I messed up! It was okay.. would have loved too have seen a little more HBK though, I heard they had a nice moment for him after the show went off air, would have liked too have seen that, Seeing Kelly x2 was nice! enjoyed some of the matches and Jericho on commentary was quality! You enjoy it?. x
  2. Well i didn't personally Well i am one of those people who don't like saying anything until the final seconds, I don't believe on counting chickens before they hatch, in any aspect LOL Just have too see I am sure you'd rather City win however, over Chelsea LOL Oh what you think about Raw?? x
  3. You messed up! x
  4. Only thing yous one x
  5. Which we won.. Try again x
  6. Community Shield Final x
  7. War? Why's that? Haha
  8. I agree Yep It's war in my house this weekend x
  9. Yeah there really are so many nice people That's cool then.. x
  10. Yeah, there are lots of nice people Yeah, when i am on i will read whatever interests me and i will post a comment, if i feel i can offer a valid point x
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